Photography For Florists Course Book

This course book is for florists or anyone who is passionate about flowers.

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I am a photographer who has, over the years, met many people who want to take their own pictures, who stop themselves, scared of not knowing the ‘secrets’ or who get frustrated by not having the skills to capture their vision.

This course is for all those people I’ve met, and many more I haven’t, who want to capture their work, and develop their creativity.

This course book is designed for those with no previous knowledge of the technical side to photography. My aim is to provide a simple explanation of photography in context of photographing floral displays.

You will learn the basics through inspiration and practice, with detailed and guided activates throughout, to give you the skills you need to become a creative photographer of flowers.

By the end of the course book we will have covered all the important skills you need to become independent in your creativity.

The book is currently a limited edition with only 20 copies available.

Buy now for only £35 via PayPal

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