1:1 Coaching for Professional

What if you could learn how to run an efficient and profitable business with a steady stream of new clients, time to develop your creativity and enjoy your everyday life...right now?

Imagine waking up on a still morning feeling calm, supported and self-assured in your creative talent.


You have a thriving photographic business, working with people who appreciate your work and what you stand for. You feel confident and strong. You are a successful creative.


I understand the time pressures of building a business while having a young family. I give calm, clear instruction through regular 1:1 calls. You will get caring and intuitive support and accountability in a flexible programme tailored to ensure your personal technical and creative transformation.

After working with me, you will have identified and learn how to create a consistent signature style that is true to your aesthetic. You will have the mindset and knowhow to find clients and charge appropriately for work. You will be on the road to building a sustainable business doing what you love armed with the technical, creative and business skills you need.

You’ve been making money from photography for a year or two but you are ready to take your work to the next level.

You feel your work is good but worry about how you will ever stand out from the crowd. You see other photographers emulating the latest trends but you know that doing isn't going to help establish you in the marketplace. You’re putting in long nights with your computer trying to learn all there is to know about marketing, business and social media and you feel a little overwhelmed, wondering how you are going to make more time to get to grips with it all.

you long to
  • grow your confidence and creativity
  • expand your technical and business know-how
  • have a recognisable and original photographic style you are proud of
  • book more of your ideal clients

If you want to discover and master how to create own signature style, people can get to know, like and trust your work to keep your books full….


If you want to learn the systems and techniques you need to build a sustainable business, raise your rates and make more money from your effort in a way that will allow you to enjoy life too….

…then read on and pay close attention.

I’m Ria, and I know the frustrations you have because I have been where you are.

I have been a professional photographer for 12 years shooting high-end weddings and working with established brands, but when I started I shot on AUTO. I got some good shots, but it felt it was by chance rather than by choice.


I was a career scientist, but in my spare time, I was determined to learn how to control my camera and ‘see’ the best light. I was determined to find out how to create emotional and atmospheric images that captured the imagination and were memorable. I learnt what I needed to do to transform my photography in any spare time I had while doing a full-time job.

Fast-forward to today, and I built a six-figure wedding photography business...

..and have been recognised as a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. I have a fine art portrait studio and shoot commercial work for high-end wedding suppliers. My work has been widely published in notable blogs, magazines and books. I also have a young family whom I adore and I understand the time pressures of being a working creative entrepreneur with family life.


"On the top suppliers' list for some of the UK’s best venues, Ria is a firm favourite with modern brides looking for truly timeless images with emotion behind them.” Brides Magazine online


I’m passionate about the power of education and I have 15 years of experience teaching at Cambridge and Leicester universities, teaching small groups for Royal Photographic Society and private groups and 1:1 sessions, so I know what works to get you results.

Right now, you know your destination but you are not sure how to get there.

Do you feel like you:

  • haven’t got a clue how to stand out amongst your peers?
  • don’t know how to develop an original signature style?
  • don’t know how to find those ‘ideal clients’ everyone it talking about?
  • don’t feel confident with how to feel, see or manipulate light to get the best images?
  • long to how to get effortlessly authentic-looking images with real emotion but instead feel
    awkward asking people to pose?
  • need to master your editing to get more consistency and professionalism in your finished
    images, but are overwhelmed and confused where to start?

I completely understand where you are coming from.

8 years ago, I was where you are. I’d just quit my skilled and stable job to become a photographer full time. I’d just got married and moved city, and it was all very new. I gave myself 3 years to work up to matching my salary as a postdoctoral researcher.


It took late nights, early mornings but I did it in less than a year. Continuing my growth, I attended workshops, interviewed industry leaders, worked with high-level coaches, attained distinctions with The Royal Photographic Society and formed alliances with high-end suppliers. I developed a well-recognised signature style built on atmosphere and emotion.


Rather than teaching yourself from online articles and workshops, second-guessing if you are focussing on the right thing and putting in countless hours like I did…what if you could get guidance, accountability and a tried and tested framework to accelerate your growth?


Longing to have your own signature style that people recognise and adore?

Want to support your family with a photographic business that thrills you?


No one sees the world like you. There are people waiting to fall in love with how you capture what you see and feel and become your greatest fans. You can be the photographic artist you dream to be, consistently capturing images in a developed original style. You can be a confident entrepreneur who provides for your family on your terms.



"My name is Safia, a florist from Melbourne currently residing in Oxford. I have always loved photography but had a fear of not being able to produce good enough shots that I would be proud of to reflect my style. I came across Ria Mishaal's Instagram page and fell in love with her photography and to my delight, she was running an online group course for creative entrepreneurs.


Over the course of 8 weeks, Ria covered all you need to know about your camera from the way it functions to how to get the perfect shot. In addition to that you also learn how to edit your images and develop your personal style.


Ria was absolutely fantastic at personalising the course to each participant...

...and made sure that she provided each and every one of us with all the resources that we needed to completely benefit from the coursework.


There was no question too small or insignificant to be discussed. Within 8 weeks I went from a clueless camera owner to a confident photographer.


This course is worth every penny and I couldn't recommend it enough!"


1-2-1 programME

This is an intensive programme where I teach from the experience I have gained in my 12 years of shooting weddings and portraits professionally, building a six-figure business from nothing. My signature 1:1 coaching is flexible and tailored to your needs, your experience and where you want to take your business.


I cover many topics with my clients, here are some of them:

Developing a Signature style:

Portfolio review and analysis; Full analysis of how you shoot from settings, lens use, colour and composition; Identifying the style you are drawn to and how to create it; Development plan



Feeling, seeing and manipulating natural and added Light


Posing and interaction style

For portrait and event photography


How to work

at events and weddings, from scouting and planning, shot lists, demeanor, managing people and change to connecting and forming relationships with venues


Editing techniques

and in-depth tutorials on how to select images, working with programs such as Photo Mechanic, Lightroom and Photoshop. You can learn all about editing styles and how it affects the feeling of an image, and some fundamental retouching techniques to enhance your portraits.



is an essential topic for developing entrepreneurs. I cover future visioning, inner critic vs inner mentor, goal setting, pricing, personal and professional development plans.



I cover branding principles and development; selecting and developing products that suit your style; systems and management for an efficient business; working on and in your business roles; developing your website, marketing and social media to increase your visibility and ways to get new clients.

I take on a limited number of clients to ensure my focussed support.


If you are ready to dive deep and grow fiercely, read on.

work with me

You know what your business and life will look like if you continue to do what you have always done. What has got you’re here will not get you to the next level.


You are here, now, because this is an opportunity for you to take a different path, one that accelerates your growth and expands your horizons. It's time to make a


Every 1-2-1 coaching programme begins with a three-hour intensive in person at my studio or online, delving into your portfolio, experience and identifying your development points so we design the programme to run in the most transformative way for you and your business.




  • 4 months of 1:1 coaching
  • 3 hour intensive in person at my studio or online
  • 4 months of in-depth teaching, coaching, guidance and support (3 calls a month - 12 calls in total)
  • Extensive supporting material: written notes, videos and workbooks
  • Exercises designed to transform
  • Email + Voxer support between sessions

Payment plan available on request





  • 6 months of 1:1 coaching
  • 3 hour intensive in person at my studio or online
  • 6 months of in-depth teaching, coaching, guidance and support (3 calls a month - 18 calls in total)
  • Extensive supporting material: written notes, videos and workbooks
  • Exercises designed to transform
  • Email + Voxer support between sessions


Personal branding shoot worth £345


In-person half-day shooting session £395


Payment plan available on request


If your soul is calling you to something bigger

and you know you are ready for growth

book a discovery call to see if this programME is the perfect fit for you

as published in...


My photographs are published widely, in print and online from BRIDES magazine to Love My Dress blog, to the stunning coffee table book ‘Flowers art and bouquets’ published by Assouline.



‘Flowers art and bouquets’ BOOK published by Assouline




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